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Last Ladies’ Night, I got to talking about cosmetic armors for some reason. But, then, during Ladies’ Night, I talk about a lot of things for absolutely no reason. Anyways, I was yammering about how there were a ton of cosmetic armors from the original system that weren’t carried over when the cosmetic slot system was introduced. If you’ve played DDO long enough, you may be aware that Mirrors of Glamering don’t work to copy a cosmetic armor applied to armor through the old system. The Mirrors copy the base armor look instead, so we can’t make a custom cosmetic out of styles that disappeared from the store.

NohBob was in the Twitch chat at the time and asked if I’d post screenshots of them to Twitter, so I set about screenshooting. Then, I realized I had a few more armors than I wanted to spam on Twitter. Hence this post. Some pictures were pulled from this old thread on the forums and the DDO Wiki page because I had them applied to old Cannith crafted items that haven’t made it from 2011 to 2016 because of reincarnation inventory space reasons. Sometimes the old screenshots I had were less clear than someone else’s modeling work.

These pictures aren’t the extent of what was lost, but they are ones that I purchased in the old cosmetic system that I could not replace in the new.Royal 1 Dark-Steel Medium Armor

Green Royal 1 Medium ArmorFirst up is what my guild calls the ‘Dominatrix Barbie’ look. This is the Royal 1 Set in color Dark/Steel Medium Armor. The only Royal Medium Armor currently available in the DDO Store is Crimson, and what we used to call the ‘Skirt Armor’ version instead of ‘Medium’ in the old system.

I also wore the Royal 1 Set quite a lot in the color Sage. Pictured here is the Light Armor. This is also currently available in the color Crimson only in this armor style.

Plains 1 Orange-Tan Light Armor

twelvetrioAnother one of my faves was the Plains Set. There were Plains 1 and Plains 2 models, and they came in Dark, Brown/Tan or Orange/Tan palettes. Pictured to the left is the Plains 1 set in Orange/Tan on Light Armor. I loved this when Druid class came out because it had the fur accents and it looked great with Body of Sun in Fire Elemental mode. The only Plains Light Armor currently available in the DDO Store (and I think it might be the only example of the Plains family in the store that made it to the new system) is the Dark, Plains 2 version with an asymmetrical top.


Red Bull-Maybe Heavy ArmorBlue Bull Heavy ArmorAnother Cosmetic Set family that I favored was the Bull Set. I believe this was Bull 1. I pretty much owned any out of the set without the Pauldrons or Cuirass that are currently available in the DDO Store. My guildie Dinias used to call this version of Heavy Armor ‘Disco’ style or the wardrobe equivalent of a mullet: party on one side, all business on the other. You can see this cosmetic here in Crimson and Blue versions, but it was also available in Black.

Red Bull With Battle Sash Medium ArmorA second version that I own was Crimson Bull with Battle Sash in what we used to call the ‘Skirt’ model. This currently appears in the DDO Store in the color Black as a Medium Armor cosmetic kit, which I bought, but I always preferred the zip of the red variety.










Red Leaf Light ArmorRed Leaf Meadium Armor SkirtLast, but not least, we have the Leaf family of armors. As with the other, oldest, cosmetic armor sets, Leaf 1 tended to be the slick style without any heavy pauldrons, while Leaf 2 had a lot of frills and shoulder pads from hell. I always went for #1. My faves were what were considered the ‘Skirt’ and ‘Light’ armor versions. This used to be available in Pale Red/Tan, Pale Blue/Tan and Dark Colors. When the new cosmetic slot arrived, versions of these latter two colored armors made it into the Light and Medium kits for sale, but with Pale Blue now being called a more accurate Violet. The Red/Tan versions, however, disappeared.

As I look back at this set of cosmetic armors that I now only see when I have that certain special outfit on, I’m obviously inclined to quest in chainmail bikinis and go-go boots. These are the ones I’d purchase for my cosmetic armor slot. Still, this is just a subset of the many, more substantial armor designs that never made it out of the past.


  1. EvenNote says:

    Acanthia mourns the loss of the pale red/tan Leaf outfit, which went perfectly with her coloring. She has it cosmeticked onto her old Spider-silk Caparison, so right now she gets to wear it… but she’s gonna be sad in two more levels when she switches back to her TF outfit.

  2. DDOCentral says:

    Bring those cosmetics back.

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